Staff Directory

WorkSource Rogue Valley

119 N. Oakdale Avenue, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 541-734-7533  Fax: 541-776-6093

Name Title Phone Email
Andrea P. Cole Business Services Representative 541-419-7049
Bree Biswell OED Tax Auditor 541-776-6150
Bridget Hayes Career Coach 541-734-7523
Caylynn Reed Career Coach 541-776-6070
Charlene Grafton Career Coach 541-776-6138
Cheri MacLauchlan Public Service Representative 541-734-3533
Chuck Schlect Career Coach 541-776-6084
Cindy Manning Operations Supervisor 541-776-6034
Dottie Marx Career Coach 541-776-6061
Greg Thweatt Workforce Data and Program Analyst 541-842-2621
Heather Roarty Career Coach 541-776-6090
Jeff Boren Career Coach 541-776-6075
Jim Voelkel OED Tax Auditor 541-776-6247
Joe Miller Operations Supervisor 541-776-6183
John Bauman Career Coach – Spanish 541-734-7543
Jose Arreguin Career Coach – Spanish 541-776-6133
Joshua Morell Trade Act Navigator 541-200-4526
Kok Aun Foo “Foo” Business Services Representative 541-734-7539
Lisa Mendez Easter Seals 541-776-6287
Luis Rivas Career Coach – Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW) Rep – Spanish 541-776-6296
Lyda Woods Career Coach 541-776-6073
Marta Satler Career Coach – Spanish 541-776-6171
Maureen “Mo” Patton Career Coach 541-776-6152
Mindy Truex Lead Worker/Career Coach 541-776-6126
Patricia Snyder WorkSource Oregon Trainer 541-530-0835
Pete Pringle Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Representative 541-776-6094
Rachael Wilson SCSEP Employment Specialist 541-776-6285
Ross Jesswein Career Coach 541-776-6290
Sharon Small OED Tax Auditor 541-776-6045
Sherri Stratton Area Manager 541-776-6294
Stephannie Krunglevich Program Analyst 541-388-6422
Steve Osborne Career Coach 541-776-6023
Tammy Schroeder Business Services Representative 541-776-6274
Tom Gass Career Coach 541-776-6125
Tracy Taylor Career Coach 541-776-6072

Economists / WorkSource Analysts

Name Title Phone Email
Guy Tauer Regional Economist 541-816-8396
Polly Farrimond Economist/WorkSource Analyst 541-414-5325

WorkSource Rogue Valley

1569 NE “F” Street, Grants Pass, Oregon
Phone: 541-476-1187   Fax: 541-244-3266 

Name Title Phone Email
Angela Fisher Career Coach 541-244-3239
Carlton Harvey Career Coach 541-244-3243
Cynthia Delashmutt Career Coach 541-244-3228
Dawn Nelson Career Coach 541-244-3255
Diana Traylor Operations Supervisor 541-244-3215
Diane “D.” Miller Career Coach 541-244-3253
Erika Wilson Career Coach 541-244-3227
Jennifer Trupe Career Coach 541-244-3235
Joe Spagnualo Business Services Representative 541-709-4775
Josh Morell Trade Act Navigator 541-200-4526
Lisa Mendez Easter Seals 541-776-6287
Michele O’Brien Career Coach 541-244-3217
Paul Rhodes Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Representative 541-244-3248
Sherri L. Stratton Area Manager 541-244-3251
Tyler Worthley Career Coach 541-244-3238