Excel, PowerPoint & Word Classes

Anyone can take these free classes, the employed, unemployed, retired or self-employed. All are welcome.

Most offices use Word, Excel and PowerPoint because they are industry standards. Having strong skills with these applications can help you shine, whether you’re preparing meeting minutes, filtering data or tracking information.

Participants in class

Participants working on Excel Charts

A supportive class, accommodating multiple levels:

  • Skill up for better opportunities
  • Take the classes as a series (recommended) or separately
  • Attend all classes to receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Learn commonly-used business features of each application

When is it offered? How long is it?

  • The series is offered once a month
  • Check our Calendar for dates
  • Word and Excel are 4 day classes, 4 hours a day
  • PowerPoint is a one-day class, 4 hours long

Required before attending:


Need some practice right now?